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FoxPedal The Wave Dual Delay / Reverb

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Friday, May 9, 2014 in Delay / Reverb, FoxPedal | 0 comments

FoxPedals has done an amazing job with this beauty. Aesthetically, it is a masterpiece that stands out among anything else you would have on your board. But just wait until you actually hear it.

Left side reverb, right side delay. The pedal is what you ambient players are looking for. The reverb is controlled by one knob; just adjust it to how much you want. It’s lightly modulated and provides a rich tone. Speaking of modulation, this pedal has that as well. Depth and speed can be adjusted and applied to either the first delay repeat(1) or the trailing repeats(2).

The middle, soft-touch switch is called a Tape Speed Slam. When depressed, the delay speed increases and it decreases when the switch is released. I personally have not made much use of this feature, but I am sure I will in the future.

Finally the delay. The Wave Dual Delay/Reverb/Modulation features analog delay that simulates three classic tape delays. The three modes, Binson, RE-201, and EP-3, are all dynamic in their own way and you can adjust them to your style of playing easily. The Binson mode is unique in how the Delay 1 knob controls the time between the initial pick strike and when the repeats begin. The Delay 2 knob controls the speed of the repeats once they begin. In RE-201 mode, there are two delays going on at the same time. Delay 1 and Delay 2 beautifully interact at different speeds (if you choose to have it that way). The range of space from this mode is endless! EP-3 mode is simply one delay controlled by (I think) the Delay 2 knob. Then of course you have a Mix knob for the volume of the repeats and a Feedback knob for the amount of repeats. It can oscillate with the Feedback knob at about 2 o’clock!

I really enjoy this pedal because I use it for Christian worship music and regular ambient sounds. If you’re into spacey sounds and echoing tones coming from your rig, I’d say go for this pedal. That’s all for now. Glad to post this pedal as my first review here.


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