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Tapestry Audio Time Traveler Tap Tempo

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Friday, August 22, 2014 in Tap Tempo, Tapestry Audio | 0 comments

The Time Traveler Tap Tempo pedal from Tapestry Audio is the world’s first tap tempo pedal with 10 BPM presets. It sends out a momentary signal just, like any standard tap pedal, when you select your preset by stepping on the right footswtich. The left footswitch gives you the ability to tap in a BPM and the knob in the middle lets you dial in the exact BPM. Click the knob to save the BPM on whatever preset number you are currently on. The Time Traveler can also send out subdivision taps (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, and triplet) at any given BPM.

This pedal has been a game changer for people who have multiple tap-capable effects, and want keep them all in sync without having to tap in each one individually. It is available in a 2-out and 3-out models. Go check out the Tapestry Audio site and say hi!

– Stores 10 presets via foot-switch
– Sends out same momentary latch signal as most tap pedals (Boss 5S-5U)
– Set BPM with knob or built in tap footswitch
– Works with standard center negative 9VDC adapter (same as Boss)
– Optional 2 or 3 outputs


Submitted by Ryan B, Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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