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Analogman Juicer Compressor

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Analog Man Juicer CompressorBased on the 1960’s classic Dan Armstrong Orange Squeeze Compressor, the Analogman Juicer has built a reputation as one of the best compressors on the market today. This little orange box features one knob for overall volume and a bias trim pot inside to adjust the compression. About 8db of gain is available with the factory bias setting. This pedal comes with NOS N25457 transistors, germanium diodes, and JRC45582 On-Amp Chip. Analogman is known for building some of the most high-end pedals on the market, and the Juicer is a prime example of Analogman’s craft and dedication to provide a quality product. Everything made by Analogman is 100% made in the USA in Bethel, Connecticut.

I have used this pedal in a variety of applications: playing shows with my band, studio sessions, and just playing by myself. It’s one of those pedals that is always on, no matter what kind of rig I am using. I run a multi-amp set up of a Mesa Boogie Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier with a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL head, and the Juicer never fails to cut through the mix and give my tone that little kick. It sounds especially great on the clean channel, providing a clean, squeaky, and punchy tone that great compressors give. When used in a higher gain scenario, the Analogman Juicer compressor adds a tiny bit of gain to your signal, as well as adding a fat and rich vintage compression.

I have played the Wampler Ego, MXR Dyna Comp, Keeley Compressor, and the Strymon OB-1 Compressor, but the Juicer always comes out on top. I recommend the pedal to anyone who seeks a fantastic compressor or anybody who loves great pedals.

Users: Mark Knopfler

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