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Shift Line Termofuzz

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Most fuzz boxes that I’ve come across do a pretty decent fuzz – ONE fuzz. Not known as the most versatile of pedals, while there are some that can get pretty nuts, the majority are usually just really good at the one fuzz sound they do. The Termofuzz from Shift Line seeks to change all that, with a selector knob that allows a vast number of different fuzzy tones to come pouring out of your amplifier.

The Termofuzz has a couple more controls that a lot of fuzzes as well, especially the Mode selector (more on that in a minute). Level shows off the overall output volume here, which is ample, for sure. Gain adds or takes away the amount of crunch and scream you want to be present. Dirt is a fun one, as it works directly with the Mode knob selections, adding in oscillation, some octave stuff and just overall noises to your sound. The overall range of this control is nice, too, as there are a ton of differing (and random) tones and glitches to be had when twisting and turning this knob.

The Mode knob is where the Termofuzz really shines, though. There are TEN different fuzz modes to select from, each one providing a unique and fuzzy experience. The sounds from these modes basically cover every fuzz sound you could think of, from straightforward rock fuzz to the glitchiest, random, noise-generating fuzz you can find. Going from mode to mode, and then using the Dirt control in conjunction with each mode is a true undertaking, and not for the faint of heart. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad fuzz sound coming out of this raging little box.

Plus, there’s a Harm toggle switch, which adjusts the amount of high harmonies present as well, just another awesome tone shaper for you to play and experiment with. You can also use your guitar’s volume knob as another control for this pedal, as it will also yield a whole new array of sounds when working with the Mode and Dirt controls. All-analog, true bypass and built with quality by hand, this is one of the most functional and multifaceted fuzzes I have ever played, and also one of the most fun. Thanks to Oleg and everyone at Shift Line for sending this awesome little box across the pond for me to test out, please make sure you go check out the rest of the gear they’re making over in Russia!



50 years of fuzz in one pedal + 8bit sound
All analog circuit
High quality components
Clickless relay true bypass
Bright blue LED


Submitted by Mike B, Website

Demo Rock pedalboard by West Coast Pedalboard

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