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Airis Effects Protodrive

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Monday, June 1, 2015 in Airis Effects, Overdrive / Distortion | 0 comments

Usually you buy a certain overdrive pedal to do what you are going to use it for, you buy a TS9 for more metal and hard rock and you will get a boss blues driver for a smoother more lead/blues lead tone, but this Airis Effects Protodrive can do almost any of it. Trust me, I was skeptical also when I heard it could do it all, so I bought it to see if it could and I was blown away! I have owned this pedal for 6 months and have gotten lots of time to try it out, I use it for blues, metal, slight rock break up and more, sometimes even just as a clean boost!

This pedal has 3 knobs and 4 switches which does help make it more versatile but also makes it intimidating since it doesn’t say on it which each knob and switch do. The controls on the pedal are for Volume/Gain/Tone knob like a traditional tube screamer/OD pedal, and the switches are a Bass response, brightness switch, clipping switch and output level for modern and vintage! The tones I get out of it are almost unmatched to others I have tried; this one has stuck with me and is sticking with me for the long run.

These pedals are made for the guy who doesn’t care about looks and for the guy who just wants the most out of their tone (they do have some pedals with designs on them, but their custom made stuff and prototypes are blank). I don’t regret the purchase, and if you are looking for a really good OD pedal, look into Airis Effects – he offers a lot for a really reasonable price!


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