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Moody Sounds Zeygot Optical Noise Fuzz

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Over the years, I have played a LOT of fuzz pedals, and they have definitely become one of my favorite overall effects. Sometimes, you run across one that really inspires and excites you, to the point where you just want to sit down with it for days and figure out all it’s magic and possibilities. The Zeygot Optical Noise Fuzz is one of these pedals, and features an option I have never before come across, one that’s sure to spark your interest as well.

Based on the classic Fuzz Face, the controls for the Zeygot Fuzz are pretty basic: Volume and Fuzz (with a Noise control, more on that in a minute). The Volume on tap here is HUGE, no worries about being heard in any live setting, for sure. The Fuzz has a great range of tones, too, and will do both a low, fat, chunky fuzz up to a thick, oozy, warm high-gain fuzz wall. This is a knob to sit and explore, as there are many, many different tones to be found, for sure.

The Noise knob is one of the coolest fuzz pedal features I have come across to this point. There’s an optical sensor in the bottom corner of the Zeygot, and you control it by moving your hand or foot or whatever over it, but in varying degrees. As you can see in the video, different speeds and different placement over the sensor have dramatically different results, eliciting some crazy blips, squeaks, pulses and more otherworldly sounds. Hard to describe, so I’ll let the video speak for this section of the pedal. Hours upon hours of investigation and fun with this option, great for on-the-fly adjustments and additions of crazy tones as well.

The Zeygot Fuzz is a barrel of fun to play, plus it’s extremely useful in any number of setups, especially ones that are a bit wacky and off-the-cuff. Moody Sounds is a company based in Färjestaden, Sweden, and are putting out some really interesting and unique pedals. Be sure to check out their website to enjoy all they have to offer, and while you may have to wait a minute for shipping, it’ll definitely be worth it, trust me!



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