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Orion Effekte Distortion General

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Thursday, August 11, 2016 in Orion Effekte, Overdrive / Distortion | 0 comments

Orion Effekte Distortion GeneralNew pedal companies always bring a smile to our face, as we can’t wait to see what exciting features, designs and sounds creative minds at work will produce. Sometimes we have to wait a while for said pedals to arrive, especially when they’re traveling all the way from Europe, but in most cases, it’s worth the wait, and today’s pedal is no exception. The Distortion General from Orion Effekte is a simple but powerful tone-shaping tool, and features an option not found on a ton of distortion pedals, making it stand out just a bit from the rest of the pack.

As far as overdrive/distortion pedals go, the Distortion General features a fairly basic control panel…at first glance (especially if you don’t speak German, then it takes a bit longer). Volume, Tone and Distortion make up the bulk of the controls, but a fourth knob let you Mix in as much of your guitar’s clean signal as you want, allowing for a gorgeous blend of the two signals to form one monstrous ball of tone. Having the clean signal added into the mix really fills out the sound – some distortion pedals can get too high and tinny, compromising your original tone, but that is definitely not the case with the Distortion General. This also makes it work great for other instruments, like bass or even acoustic guitar, for a plethora of sonic options.

This beautiful blue box that traveled many miles to reach us from Germany has been both inspiring and entertaining. Just an excellent drive/distortion pedal in general (pun intended), the Clean Mix knob just elevates it to another level of tonal experimentation and all-around fun. Many, many thinks to the guys at Orion Effekte for sending us this pedal…they also sent another one, the de Luxe Motor Fuzz, so look for that review on our site coming soon. For now, though, check out the video below to hear just some of the sounds this pedal is capable of producing…

Status LED with two-step brightness adjustment
Hardware True Bypass
9V power supply connector
Battery charger (incl. Battery)
5 year warranty
Handmade in Germany
Controls: level, mix, sound, distortion
Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 51 mm
Weight: 316 g (without battery)
Supply voltage: + 9V
Power consumption: 4.25 mA (in the bypass: 2.45 mA)


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