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Stacks FX Native Lung Reverb

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Monday, August 29, 2016 in Delay / Reverb, Stacks FX | 0 comments

Stacks FX Native Lung ReverbWe last reviewed some pedals by today’s company over a year ago, when they had a different design layout and even a slightly different name. Today’s featured pedal is a departure into glorious territory from the dirt boxes we reviewed back then, too, showing off their revamped style and technical prowess all at once. The Native Lung Reverb from Stack FX has a slew of different ambient sounds available, and a control panel that adds some mystique and mystery into how these tones are created and experimented with.

Right away, the Volume knob sets the Native Lung apart from other reverbs, and most other pedals as well. When it’s turned all the way DOWN, the volume is at unity, but as you crank it up, you can access up to 7dB of clean, discrete gain on tap to volume match what you lost going through the reverb tank. Immediate awesomeness, basically. Balance mixes your Wet and Dry signals, while Color provides a robust analog tone section, going from dark and moody to bright and light with a turn of the knob.

The Decay knob has some welcome features, too, and also strays from the norm of the vast majority of reverbs. Besides just setting the decay time, once you set it past around noon, some glorious modulation gets automatically added into the effect. Not only does this add a new and distinct flavor to your tone, but lets you basically control two parameters with one knob, adding in as much or as little modulation as you need, without compromising or losing much decay time.

All in all, the Native Lung has some great features, without being user unfriendly, and the sounds pouring out are luch, warm and inviting as they can possibly be. We love the new look, we dig the new sounds and we’re super-stoked to be able to review more pedals from Stack FX, so be sure and stay tuned in the near future. Cheers to those guys as always for sending us more gear to check out – make sure to check out their website for a newly displayed and reworked lineup of great pedals!


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