SolidGoldFX Tone Mob Model 001 Fuzz Generator - Aluminum Edition - Pedal of the Day

SolidGoldFX Tone Mob Model 001 Fuzz Generator – Aluminum Edition

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 in Fuzz, SolidGoldFX, The Tone Mob | 1 comment

SolidGoldFX Tone Mob Model 001 Fuzz GeneratorWe are suckers for aesthetics here at Pedal of the Day, and today’s pedal just jumps right out at you (plus it look sweet in a group of pedal, too). A collaboration between the crews at SolidGoldFX and The Tone Mob, the Model 001 Fuzz Generator is an aluminum fuzz masterpiece, a pedal that is expressive both visually and sonically, and one that’s sure to make you take a step back in wonder the moment it’s engaged. Let’s delve into this shiny beauty and see what she can do…

Level adjusts the volume level of the Model 001, and there’s plenty available for any given situation. Fuzz controls how much distortion is present in your signal, from a slightly buzzy fuzz to all-out fuzz pandemonium, with many useable setting in between those extremes. The Bias knob is an excellent addition to this pedal as well, a highly interactive control that greatly affects the pedal’s midrange content and distortion characteristics. As a bonus, if you set this knob correctly and play with your guitar’s Volume knob, you might even be able to squeak out some clean tones…if that’s what your after.

A 3-way toggle switch also lets you choose 3 different tone modes. If you want a normal, flat tonal response, set this guy to the Far Left position. Need a little bit of Low End to beef up your sound? Give this puppy a flick in the right direction. And finally, if you’re needing to really make a statement and cut through a crappy and ill-advised mix, set this switch to the Middle for a bit of Treble boost, and listen to it absolutely roar. Maybe make a flyer that legally states you have no legal responsibility for anyone’s eardrums first, though…

A true true-bypass machine, filled with BC183 transistors for a full, bold fuzz sound, the Model 001 is a multi-level, super-dynamic piece of musical gear, one that even those crazies who don’t like fuzz will have to say, “Wow, this is an awesome fuzz pedal.” Made with love, mojo and cage-free resistors in our great neighbor to the North, Canada, this pedal has everything you could want or need from a fuzz, with crisp tones and a slew of options as well. Thanks to everyone from SolidGoldFX and The Tone Mob for letting us get our hands on one of these special editions – we cannot wait to see what comes next from either SolidGoldFX, The Tone Mob, or BOTH!


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  1. Love my model 001! made my two other fuzz pedals useless because it sounds so great and versatile.

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