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Animals Pedal Major Overdrive

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 in Animals Pedal, Overdrive / Distortion, Skreddy Pedals | 0 comments

Animals Pedal Major OverdriveToday, we’ve got the next new pedal in the Animals Pedal lineup, and while it’s not reinventing the effects pedal wheel, the Major Overdrive is a solid choice for dirtying up your tone. With a simple control section and an output of tasty overdriven tones, this little brown box traveled to us all the way from Japan, and was worth the wait. Designed by Skreddy Pedals and including classic graphic artwork and bold buttons that will stand out on your pedalboard, this is a great tool for any sonic arsenal.

The Major Overdrive’s control section is pretty basic, as far as overdrives are concerned. You’ve got a Volume knob to set the output, a Tone knob to control the low and high frequencies and a Gain knob to set the amount of dirt in your signal. Differing from a lot of overdrives, through, the Major has a tasty “brown sound” to it, ala EVH, with a massive voice that sounds like an early 1970’s British tube amp. The low end doesn’t get lost either, thankfully, and the tones are clear and crisp at any setting. Another great feature is how well it cleans up with you guitar’s volume knob, letting you set it to a higher gain and control it on the fly during your set.

Animals Pedal LogoAnother excellent mashing of the minds from Skreddy Pedals and Animals Pedal, the Major Overdrive, while not really breaking any new sound barriers, is a solid example of a classic overdriven amp tone. If you want your rig to sound like those of your favorite classic rockers from across the pond a couple decades ago, you have most definitely stumbled into the right place. Thanks again to Animals Pedal for letting us review and demo this focused and balanced overdrive – we’ve got a couple more left in their lineup to bring you, so be sure and stay tuned for those in the near future!


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