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JPTR FX Gainsaw Distortion

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Monday, September 11, 2017 in JPTR FX, Overdrive / Distortion | 0 comments

JPTR FX Gainsaw DistortionThere are some companies that like to focus on one or two genres of effects pedals, and then really dig in and make their own creations stand out and rock your face. Our pal Chris Jupiter and JPTR FX, located in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, loud and distorted is the name of the game, and a game they play well. The Gainsaw Distortion is our first foray into their lineup of eccentric and unusual pedals, and we’re hoping it won’t be our last…

At first glance, the Gainsaw appears to be an all-to-easy, one-knob pedal with not a lot of variety under the hood. Well, further from the truth this could not be – this pedal has a really nice range within that one volume control, going from overdrive to fuzz to distortion all in one series of twists and turns. It also features a built-in gate to limit the amount of feedback and noise that seeps through a lot of pedals in this sonic area, giving off everything from a mid-range drive to a maxed out field of distortion will rattle your windows, bleed your eardrums and alert the cops in a hurry.

One knob. Check. Easy to use. Check. Excellent clarity even at high levels. Check. Awesome for low end grit. Check again. Though we can’t wait to review and demo some more pedals from JPTR FX, we’re glad that we could ease into their world of auditory pleasures with the Gainsaw in hand. For more adventures in noise and chaos, be sure to check out the JPTR FX website and see all that they have to offer. Thanks to Chris and all the JPTR crew across the pond for letting us venture through their lab of sound – stay tuned for more reviews in the near future!


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