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Gamechanger Audio PLUS Sustain Pedal

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 in Gamechanger Audio, Sampler, Sustain | 2 comments

Gamechanger Audio PLUS Sustain PedalInstrument crossovers are fairly rare in this business, but we’re super-excited about the one we’re bringing you today. The PLUS is a piano-style sustain pedal from Gamechanger Audio, and while that may seem like a not-too-flashy effect, it is. All the ambience and swells you’ve been searching for in countless reverb pedals presents itself here in a unique and unexplored fashion, giving you a ton of layers and audio options to send your tone to new heights.

By constantly recording all the incoming signals from your instrument, then analyzing the most recent event once the pedal is held down, the PLUS produces instant sustain and reverb-type tones on the notes and chords you play. It basically catches the second half of those notes or chords, samples that little bit of info and transforms it into a seamless continuous loop, which is then controlled by a variety of parameters.

The Blend knob controls the volume of the Wet signal the PLUS produces, and Rise sets the fade-in speed of every new sustain layer. Tail sets the amount of spillover the recorded music gets when the pedal is released, ranging from an abrupt cutoff to infinite, glorious waves of sound. A switch on the side lets you select either Single (one note/chord sustain) or Group (up to 5 sonic layers) modes, for a variety of tones and options once again. The Sustain control works differently depending on which mode you’re in: in Single mode, it controls the behavior of the hold-function, and in Group, it allows you to reduce the number of layers allowed simultaneously.

There’s an optional external Wet switch available as well, which lets you run your sound in stereo AND control the Wet Only mode on the fly. This is a good pedal to sit down with its manual and really dig in to everything it can do, so you’ll be able to truly use it to its full potential. Cheers to the crew at Gamechanger Audio / PLUS Pedal for letting us check out their new creation – if you’re into experimenting, layer upon layer of sound and some bold, fat ambience, make sure you head over to their website and order yours today!


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