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Shift Line Astronaut Multiverb Space Reverb Unit V.2

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Friday, February 2, 2018 in Delay / Reverb, Shift Line | 0 comments

Shift Line Astronaut Mulitverb Space Reverb Unit V.2Who doesn’t love a good bit of ambience in their music? Well, lots of folks, probably, but for those of us that dig it, today’s pedal is going to blow your mind. The Astronaut V.2 from Shift Line is a multiverb space reverb unit, with numerous program algorithms to choose from and tones that stretch beyond the far reaches of outer space. A space-saver without a large manual to try and decipher, this plug and play beauty is a real musical marvel.

Level starts off the controls, and is your output level boost, with the ability to add up to +10dB when maxed out. Mix blends your wet and dry signals, and can go 100% Wet if you desire, really allowing you to paint an auditory masterpiece. Decay controls the length of the reverb, but also has different uses depending on which program you’re using, and can adjust such things as delay time and rate in addition. A Tails toggle switch allows you to control how the effects ends once you hit that Bypass switch, too.

Shift Line LogoSpeaking of programs, the Astronaut features 11 of them: Gated (simple ‘verb with gate), Modulated (reverb with deep modulation), Skynet (long, massive, cosmic), Mechanics (industrial reverb tones), ShimUp (shimmer with octave up repeats), ShimDown (shimmer with octave down repeats), ShimUpDown (both octaves simultaneously), Major Arp (random arpeggio + ‘verb), Octave Arp (with octave arpeggios), Ping-Pong (reversed repeat delay) and Hold (freeze-verb). These powerful algorithms bring an abundance of experimentation with them, ideally helping to create and forge new sonic pathways. There’s another option here as well –


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