Guest Review: Pepers' Pedals 4049 Skitz Bass Overdrive Pedal of the Day

Guest Review: Pepers’ Pedals 4049 Skitz Bass Overdrive

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Saturday, February 10, 2018 in Bass, Overdrive / Distortion, Pepers' Pedals | 0 comments

Peper Pedals 4049 Skitz Bass OverdriveToday’s guest review comes to us from Jimi Dymond – you can find him on Instagram and with his band Rotten Foxes on Facebook and Bandcamp. Thanks again, Jimi!

What can I say? I’m not a fancy man. Technology eludes me, I’m 28 and write on my smartphone with one index finger like a banged up old mum. But there’s one thing I do know about certain types of technology, bass pedals for example. I’ve gone through a lot of pedals trying to find that sound my soul craves, that sound that makes an audience crumble with rumbling fear and now I have found it.

Pepers’ Pedals 4049 Skitz Bass Overdrive is the spring at the end of a harsh winter, a well-earned beer after a tough days work, an old friend greeting you after a long absence. It is the one.

I have no technical information for you and can’t explain the way that I can get it to sound like a force of thunderous fury bursting out of my classic 93 Laney stack. But I can promise you, my friends, that it does all this and more.

The guy I got it off builds this shit in his spare time as a side project, to earn a few extra bucks – he isn’t a giant company or a bank-rolled enthusiast, he is but a simple blacksmith toiling throughout the night in the quest of making perfect pedals for the hardworking musician. Well, nah, not a musician, but the simple person who for some reason devotes their life to being in a full time band with a few mates whilst keeping a full time job and a full time relationship. We all know being a hardworking band member in a busy band whilst maintaining these commitments is hard as fuck. And Pepers is that guy, but on top of all that shit he builds pedals.

To me buying a pedal is special, it’s the excitement of what it’s going to sound like after 5 days waiting for a full practice after getting it. How it’s going to ignite your performance on stage and help develop your own personal sound and style. But most importantly how it makes you feel.

If you require a versatile and unique pedal this is the one that you need. It’s sturdy, powerful and something I’m never going to get rid of. But most importantly fun.

For if we don’t play music for fun and for that feeling of playing live what is the point?

I’m high as fuck but the pedal is sick.


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