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Submit a Pedal

Please use the form below to submit your Pedal of the Day. Please include AT LEAST 3 paragraphs (not one or two sentences, that’s not a review) about the pedal in your own words: how it functions & performs, any interesting features or sounds it might have or make, and how you personally use it in your rig to get your signature sound. We want other guitarists to engage in a conversation about your pedal review, so make it interesting, well thought-out, funny, descriptive, etc.

Images uploaded MUST BE YOUR OWN, nothing that you found on Google, must be HIGH QUALITY (please, no blurry or small images), must be at least 1000px and square (for posting on Instagram and our website). Also, if you take a picture and it’s blurry or the light is bad, retake it before you send it in – otherwise, I’ll email you and ask you to retake it, and I’d just as soon avoid that unnecessary step, wouldn’t you?

Please include your Instagram user name, as your submission will be featured there as well, and your Twitter handle and a link to your Facebook page and/or band website if you’d like a shoutout. Your review will be posted 1-2 weeks after it has been successfully submitted. Thanks again, be sure to Follow and Like Us on the social media stuff, and keep those reviews coming! CHEERS!


Only HIGH-QUALITY, SQUARE images will be accepted. Must be at least 1000px in size, and not blurred. Up to 10mb in size.