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Frana Effects Moon Land Repeater Tremolo

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Friday, September 22, 2017 in Frana Effects, Tremolo, Vibrato | 0 comments

Frana Effects Moon Land Repeater TremoloLast month when we reviewed and demoed our first pedal from Frana Effects, the White Wave Fuzz, the impression that it left was one of amazement (as well as a shattered eardrum or two). So, we were stoked to be able to try another one of their pedals, but go in a completely different direction from the aforementioned fuzz genre. The Moon Land is a tremolo with extra oomph, based on some classic circuitry, but with its own flare and pizazz.

Modeled after the VOX Repeater, the Moon Land has a more percussive, heavy-type tone than a lot of other tremolo effects. Based around the original circuitry from the VOX, Frana Effects has added an Intensity control, as well as a different type of Depth knob. There’s even an added LED that showcases the tremolo effects’ Speed, for easy viewing in a live, on-stage situation.

Rate adjusts the tremolo’s speed, while Attack inverts the effects’ signal phase. Depth gives you more or less intensity, depending on what you’re looking for in your overall sound, and Level lets you control the output volume of the Moon Land. These pedals also feature high-quality footswitches, Neutrik jacks, USA-made resistors with 1% tolerance, Wima and Panasonic capacitors and Fairchild and Central transistors.

Frana Effects LogoGoing easily from gentle and smooth to choppy and pulsating, the Moon Land gives off a wide array of tremolo and vibrato-infused sounds, with something useable for just about everyone, regardless of your specific style of music. Fun, bold and experimental, this is a great pedal to explore and find new uses for, even if you somehow *think* you’re not a fan of tremolo effects. Cheers to the crew at Frana Effects for sending us two pedals that couldn’t be more different from each other – we love the challenge of figuring out how to portray every pedal lineup, and this was an easy-peasy time, surrounded by gorgeous tones and fun abound.


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