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Shift Line Raxxla MkII Chorus

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The Raxxla Chorus is the third pedal we’ve had the pleasure to review from our friends across the pond in St. Petersburg, Russia, Shift Line, and these pedals just keep getting better and better. This pedal is basically 3 chorus pedals wrapped into one neat and tidy enclosure, with a ton of range and warm, lush, organic tones and sounds. If you’re looking for a perfectly versatile chorus that won’t eat up all your pedalboard’s real estate, you need to check out the Raxxla.

Two control knobs are the first thing one notices when gazing upon this little blue gem, and they’re pretty standard on any chorus pedal I’ve ever seen: Depth and Rate. The Depth controls the intensity of the chorus effect, while Rate controls the speed, as you would think it would. Both are great in their own right: allowing control of the Depth lets you dial in the right amount needed for your individual sound, while adjusting the Rate lets you use certain settings for certain time signatures and tempos, with easy on-the-go adjustment just a knob turn away at all times.

The 2 toggle switches here are what really make this pedal stand out from other choruses I’ve played. The Mode toggle lets you choose from 3 settings: Deep, Mid-Deep and Light. Deep is a heavy, washy chorus, similar to an Electro-Harmonix Small Clone, while the middle setting conjures up tones reminiscent of the old Boss CE-2 pedal. Finally, the light setting features some lovely overtones, like a small blanket of chorus covering your sound, and let you get some nice Leslie rotary speaker sounds in some settings. The second toggle is a Bright switch, letting you add a little sparkle to your sound if the mood should happen to strike you.

All in all, the Raxxla was most impressive, and capable of producing many classic chorus sounds with ease, as well as creating some new ones all on its own. The crew at Shift Line continue to create new, rad pedals, and continue to improve on their already existing lineup, too. Make sure to check out their website, and see how they can help make your guitar really come to life!



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