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SolidGoldFX ElectroMan Analog Delay

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One of the favorite reverb pedals we’ve had the privilege of reviewing here at Pedal of the Day is the Surf Rider III from SolidGoldFX, so we were pretty stoked to try out one of their delays, the ElectroMan. Boasting some cool features and incredible sound, this delay will add new dimension to your guitar’s sound, and make you more inclined to push some sonic boundaries you never thought possible before.

The control panel features the following knobs to dial in your sound: Level (delay volume), Repeat (number of repeats, from one to crazy self-oscillation), Tone (darker or brighter repeats) and Time (overall delay time, up to 600ms). The Tone has a huge range of auditory possibilities, giving the ElectroMan a wide sweep of sonic contours and emotions, while the self-oscillation of the Repeats will allow you to create giant washes of sound, and send your signal into the great beyond and back again.

Two things make this pedal stand out from other delays we’ve reviewed. First, there’s a second footswitch labeled Warp, which lets you add in oscillation with your foot, so you can produce anything from short bursts of crazy delay to long, drawn-out mind-melting echoes, really letting your creative juices flow with ease. There’s also an FX Loop as well, which lets you plug other effects into the ElectroMan (using a TRS Y-cable), which expands on the possibilities you can achieve even more, making this delay one of the most versatile, exciting and useful pedals in any effects arsenal.

The first color scheme for the ElectroMan was a bright, almost florescent green with some black overtones, hence this particular model being rehoused by the original owner, who apparently is not a big fan of neon. The smooth silver shine gives a real classy look to this pedal, and while the new versions feature a more subtle color scheme, I think this one-of-a-kind is pretty rad, and pretty original as well. Overall, the ElectroMan Delay has some great features, killer delay sounds and an easy-to-use control setup – go check out SolidGoldFX‘s website for more info on this and their other lineup of sweet pedals!



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