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Guest Reviewer Fridays: SolidGoldFX BC549 Mini-Booster

Posted By Pedal of the Day on Friday, March 10, 2017 in Boost, SolidGoldFX | 0 comments

SolidGoldFX BC549 BoostToday’s guest review comes to us from Coe S. – find him on Instagram (@coeschneider) and say Hi!

From the get go I was interested in the small box, single knob lineup from SolidGoldFX. As much as I like to tweak sounds and create sonic havoc the appeal of a simple to use straight ahead sound tool is foundational and super important in my mind.

I’ll admit, boost doesn’t usually get me excited, but this one caught my attention based on their description, “a meaty, dirty boost. . .a distinctly dirty lift for solos.” That’s a boost I can get into. And its delivered so well that I am considering another boost from the line up.

The enclosure is classy looking and solid feeling in the hand. There is room on your board for it I’m sure. Once plugged in and set up it added another dimension to my rig. Dirty from the on set, but very musical, it gave a significant amount of drive to my sound and thickened up a little bit as I cranked the knob. Not that it needed to, it sounds big and full even at a low volume. It plays very well with my other drives as well, adding more grit and throat to the signal.

I have yet to try it out with bass but I look forward to it. I usually prefer my bass tone to be a bit dirty but not over the top and I think the BC549 is gonna hit that sweet spot.

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with a pedal in this price range. It sounds great, is made to last and is simple to setup and use. Thanks SolidGoldFX for keeping things fresh.


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